Probate Charges

– Our fees in uncontested devolution of Estates are based on a time spent basis depending on the hourly rates. Our hourly rate is £350 plus VAT.

– As Estates differ in value and complexity it can be difficult to provide standard costings without being aware of all the parameters. However, we have a minimum charge for Probate and the fee for a simple Estate where there is a single property and various bank accounts will be £2,500 plus VAT.

– On more complex Estates where there are numerous assets when we will charge a minimum fee of £2,500 plus VAT plus the hourly rate.

We also operate according to the Law Society scale of charges and these details will be provided on request.

– Where Estates are contested and proceedings arise then we will charge an hourly rate of
£350 plus VAT.

Further details will be provided on request.